What We Offer


Clarkson Consulting Group understands the complexities of legal compliance. We recognize a business executive's daily concerns in how to protect the company, resolve problems and reduce expenses.  We bring over 20 years of skills and experience to business owners seeking Human Resource guidance and support, Mediation/Worksite Investigation services and Employee Benefits consulting and presentation.

You can rely on our skills and knowledge for everything from the simplest HR question to complicated labor law and employee relations issues. 

Constantly changing legal and business landscapes create new demands and require new insights.  Clarkson Consulting Group can provide support to navigate the changing landscape. 

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HR Solutions for Complex Matters

HR risk assessment, labor law compliance, employee manuals, policy and procedures, performance improvement and management, coaching/training, employee relation, job analysis/job descriptions, employment and recruiting, and wage and salary administration.

Services are flexible and can be provided on a Part-Time, On-Site, On-Call or Interim Support basis.


We employ a party-centered process in order to facilitate open communication while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

We are State of Texas certified in mediation processes and can train others on workplace conflict resolution strategies.

Employee Benefits

Effective Employee Benefit communication and education.

Assisting business owners with the legal complexities of the Affordable Care Act ( ACA) and Employee Retirement Income Security Act ( ERISA).

Employee Benefit enrollment services.